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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Going Strong!

That's right!  It's day 10.  I am still going strong. I have had no sugar and hardly any carbs.  I also have not weighed myself.  Sept. 1 will be my weigh in day.  Oh, I have been tempted to get on that scale, but I am trying to not let that be my motivation, only the result of a better lifestyle.

So how do I feel.  Not sure yet.  I know that every day that I succeed is a serious celebration.  When I get ready for bed at night, I try to evaluate myself and see how I measure up.  It seems that I have been measuring up with much to celebrate about.  For the most part, I don't feel hungry.  Every so often I do.  That is when I grab some water.  Maybe a few almonds and make myself busy.  Do I crave things that I shouldn't have?  All the time.  Man, I just love yummy things to eat.  Especially sugary, fatty, yummy things.  But I am trying to ignore those cravings and press forward.

All I can say, it is still hard, but I am trying because I am ready for a change.

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